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MARINA (April-May 2014)

Posted by showcase on February - 17 - 2015

Alabria, 1948. Salvatore Granata, a poor ironsmith, has to leave the country for a job as a coalminer in Belgium. His spirited 10-year-old son Rocco keeps enjoying the warm Italian life. But after one year, Salvatore, urges his family to come over. By the time Rocco arrives in Waterschei, a small mining town in Belgium,  [ Read More ]

Timbuktu (March-April 2015)

Posted by showcase on January - 21 - 2015

2015 Academy Award Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film! Not far from Timbuktu, now ruled by the religious fundamentalists, Kidane lives peacefully in the dunes with his wife Satima, his daughter Toya, and Issan, their twelve-year-old shepherd. In town, the people suffer, powerless, from the regime of terror imposed by the Jihadists determined to control  [ Read More ]

The Verdict [Het Vonnis] (February-March 2015)

Posted by showcase on January - 22 - 2014

A serious flaw in Belgium’s justice system is illustrated in “The Verdict,” an accomplished drama from veteran local multihyphenate Jan Verheyen. This tale of a man’s horrific loss of family, the legal glitch that lets the killer go scot-free, and a subsequent revenge-murder trial turns into a talky courtroom affair fairly early on, but it’s  [ Read More ]


Posted by showcase on February - 1 - 2013

The International Film Showcase, an arm of the Lamorinda Film and Entertainment Foundation (LFEF)began in January 2011 presenting a local area premiere of an acclaimed international film not available on home media or television for one week a month. The posters below are of films the Showcase has already screened. Some of these films will  [ Read More ]


Posted by showcase on January - 14 - 2013

For those who enjoy extraordinary movies not made available to the general public, the INTERNATIONAL FILM SHOWCASE is what you are looking for. For a minimum of seven days each month we will screen a feature film that has never been released commercially in our area. Some will never be available to rent or download.  [ Read More ]

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