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The International Film Showcase, an arm of the Lamorinda Film and Entertainment Foundation (LFEF)began in January 2011 presenting a local area premiere of an acclaimed international film not available on home media or television for one week a month. The posters below are of films the Showcase has already screened. Some of these films will never become available to rent or buy. Please join us as we continue to support crowd pleasing entertainment from around the world!

Mountain CryIce Mother posterWorlds ApartInsultDivineOrder_US_poster_1944x2880TeacherBelleFrantzbrand-new-testamenta68d886ba416d5db23a6839b9cfbe497_500x735p182298_d_v8_aaTHE CARER Poster_SmallMV5BMzYxMjM2NDU0MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTk3MTEyODE@._V1_UY268_CR3,0,182,268_AL_krigenthe-wave-posterAffiche_de_-Les_femmes_du_6e_etage-Timbuktu posterHYOM_Wall_WEBSITEhuman-capital-84560-poster-xlarge7842_a_5641the-miracle-of-bern-movie-poster-2003-10204788769010329tangerinesRed doorki-Hayat-afis-e1401230735966kauwboyx250silence_poster_2500pxA Royal Affair (2)shun li and the poet (2)three quarter moon (2)noodle (2)Montevideo-Bog-te-video (2)late_bloomers_ver3 (2)headhunters (2)young-goethe-in-love (2)The World is BigGǪGǪ (2)man who will come (2)autumn-spring (2)loose cannons (2)the-bank (2)Flugten (2)illegal (2)Max_Manus_poster_285 (2)

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